Transit Window Insulated Covers (Permanent)

I am not going to be using the rear windows of my transit and plan on covering the inside with some sort of wood or shelving. So I need to cover up the windows and insulate them. I used 1/2″ rigid insulation cut to about 1/2″ larger than the actual opening (you’ll see why in a second)

I didn’t take great photos but I can later. But here’s me spray painting the insulation. I plan on being as stealth as possible and having the silver side showing through is a giveaway that someone is living inside, so with some flat black it doesn’t look like anything is there at all. It’s just “nothing”

I crushed the outside 1/2″ of the foam down a bit to make it thinner

This let the board slide up into the factory groove perfectly. I just barely squeezed the whole thing in.

Pausing here, I ran out of daylight for photos. Will update later

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