steve and i had training to do in chicago at the motorola facility, our boss is awesome so he sent us out the weekend ahead of time to check out the city. in complete awesomeness, he bought us a BALLER room in downtown chicago, right in the heart of all the cool shit.
we flew into o’hare airport on friday night. we stepped off the plane, walked like 2 minutes and were shocked to find the place where you get your luggage so close. i even said “holy crap that was easy” and 2 seconds later my bag came out of it. we picked up our bags and walked away, i think we were in the airport for like 4 minutes.
we walked downstairs and bought a $12 city pass to all the transit systems for the weekend.
we hopped on the red line train and made our way into the city. the train was packed full of college kids, pretty neat. took a while though, but yeah its a subway so its to be expected with all the stops.

we stopped at what we though was our stop, it was our street name. we didn’t do much planning ahead of time so yeah… we came out of the subway and jumped in a cab and $6 later we were at our BALLER hotel.

we dropped off our crap and went to get some food. we found some decent bar down the street and were shocked to see how early everything closes in chicago.
crappy pic

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2007 Black River Stages

Black River Stages Rally – September 28-29, 2007 – Harrisville, New York

RallyAddict photo’s of the event can be found in our gallery or by clicking HERE.

This was a spectacular rally held in Harrisville New York which is only about 25 miles south of Canada. We planned our trip to this rally at the last minute as time became available to us, and managed to attend the entire rally without staying overnight. We left New Jersey at about 3:30 am and started driving north. We arrived in the quaint town of Harrisville just in time for breakfast at the local bakery. Breakfast was fantastic and cheap, and the bakery was packed fully of rally drivers and teams eating at the breakfast buffet. Around the side of the bakery was the rally expo where we went to check out the cars before they left to go rally. It was interesting to see the motorcycles ready for rally action also, as this rally included off road motorcycles!

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2007 Labor Day

saturday i went mountain bike riding with satanpez steve, i think we did about 15 miles in the woods around morristown. then i worked o my car, then we went to a friends BBQ party. no pics, it sucks that there are some cool places to take pics while bike riding, but i'm not taking my camera out there, fuck that. sunday i worked on my car, and then went to a huge 50's car show called lead east. 



this guy writes for weird NJ i took a lap around the car show in this for $1, it was awesome πŸ˜€ took a pic of my gf in the reflection of a chrome bumber πŸ˜€ then me and my GF met up with Utah and Sandy at a pub in morristown for some food. then i went home and watched 2 lane blacktop and passed out. monday i went riding with utah and steve again, this time like 20 miles in the woods, utah had a camera. tuesday (i know its not the weekend shut up) i wanted to meet up with this guy i've been chatting online with for a few years at a cruise in at the ledgewood mcdonalds. i got steve to come, and utah to join us. we met up with the coolest guy i've ever met, he just happened to pull in behind me at the show. utah has met him before, and he tells me that nate talked to him for like 2 hours once. he's got a 65 i think vette, with a small block 427 with twin turbo's what makes this guy so cool, is how far he had to go to get a stick shift to stay in this, and that he built the twin turbo setup in the EARLY 80's, with fuel injection. this was pre internet, pre turbo popularity, pre basically anything stand alone fuel injection. he has some seriously oddball stuff on there. he built this car himself, when it was HARD to do. very very knowledgeable guy, really really cool and nice. plus he went to CCM in 1971 so he's fucking awesome in my book. CCM alumni unite! haha, we all went there. his car:

Aluminum Overcast


maria and i flew on the aluminum overcast b17 bomber, it was one hell of a day


hmm thats an odd looking plane up there (not photoshopped)


landing omg deputy dewey lets me in the plane? well now, thats not a view you don't see everyday. my head sticking OUTSIDE of a flying airplane. maria trying to get a look without her hair ripping out/skirt flying up some other guy taking pics outside catwalk through the bomb bay holy fuck let me fly! omg get closer to props? you know, i don't think there is a better view out of an airplane possible EVER BOMBARDIER STATION FUCKING WIN [size=24]DROPPING BOMBS ON YOUR ASS BITCH[/size] i can not express in words what this sounds like, most amazing thing in the world best date ever other favorites this one came out blurry so deal with a small one this shit smokes like a dsm

2007 New England Forrest

RallyAddict photo’s of the event can be found in our gallery or by clicking HERE

Pastrana Jump

They say that if you don’t like the weather in Maine, then just wait 5 minutes.Β  I never thought a ridiculous saying would be so true until I stared confusingly into the apocalyptic skies of Mexico, Maine.Β  In the four hours that I had been awake, I experienced three seasons.Β  The anemic umbrella attached to my folding camp chair was being used to not only to shield me from the blazing sun but also from the golf ball sized drops of rain that seemed to follow in torrents and then disappear as fast as it arrived.Β  I began to re consider my statement from earlier that morning in which I claimed that Maine is definitely a place I could live in.Β  Hmmmm.

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2007 Hershey


awesome time as always. 


camped at hershey campgrounds friday night, saturday, checked out sunday morning lil crammed in 2 campsites with 14 people tom and shindaddy in the 8th row on the super duper looper insect porn bad ass wade and heather yay ryan fits this year! lil blurry, and my maria doesn't know how her hand isn't transparent πŸ™‚ utah has no idea what is about to happen to him utah absolutely drenched, i think it broke his phone too πŸ™ it looked like he took a bath in flume water perty some fireworks, photo's need cropping stupid phone lines cars the crew on the hershey tour ride world's largest hershey kiss looks like they are going to finish the chocolate part of it today, and then just sculpt it some more. the end

2007 Memorial Day


best weekend in the world, end of story. my claim will be substantiated by those in attendance. all pics: highlights, story before i pass out. thursday night i packed my zj and filled the roofrack with camping shit. friday maria and i went to work and came home, packed more, picked up ryan and erin and headed up to the cabin. nothing terribly exciting except for the unexpected lack of traffic. win pulled up to the cabin, the driveway, parking lot, front lawn, side of the house, street in front of the house were all FILLED with cars, i couldn't find parking. wtf i had the VIP (ryan, he set this up) so fuck that we drove past the house, into the lot next door, and took the quad trail around the back of the woods, around the back of the property and back into the back lawn. fucking baller entrance. win, parked next to my tent site, win win. my lack of pictures of this, lose. met up with the gang, set up tents, ate peanuts, and partied. 


random picture of utah apparently shitting his pants hung out all night, had tons of fun, took tons of random pictures of my friends. had a great time, drank a ton of soda, everyone else got fucked up on the kegs or the hurricanes. we ate something, i totally forget what. cheeseburgers and hotdogs plus something else ryan's dad made i think. whatever it was i'm sure it was awesome. SATURDAY woke up, watched ryan's dad set up the smoker and the pig then ryan and i set up the shower, we are fucking geniuses and all shall hail how awesome we are. we took this heat exchanger out of a hot water heater (thanks steve for picking it up) and hooked up the water to it, stuck it under a turkey boiler and regulated the flow and flame till we had hot water. it could actually boil the water in there it worked so well. we had the flame REAL low and there was steam coming out of the shower, it was AWESOME. there is 1 shower in the cabin, with a really small water heater. the girls drain the water heater and wait an hour for it every morning. fuck that, we have the man shower now, it rules. ryan even picked up a camping shower with a changing room. took some pictures of utah on his bike fixed the CJ5 needed a carpotato, starter, starter solenoid, and we tuned it up. should be good for the rest of the summer at a minimum now. utah tearing up the xr100 sex on wheels pig getting going some of the tents some guy showed up in an ebo, i don't know who he was but the crapatillars attacked his wheel. those god damn things were all over everything. UGGG ryan the cocksmith bands setting up utah getting drunk pig is done this was the best tasting pork i ever had in my life. it was so god damn good, it looked and almost tasted like chicken. it was insane juicy and really really god damn good. ryan's dad is the best cook in the world and he can cook for the 60+ people that were there all at once. amazing skills. bands playing, hanging out at the fire check out what the heat from the fire does to the pictures (taking the pictures from the other side of the fire pit), fucking weird, i guess it distorts the light somehow, looks underwater tom making magic, this is going to be an animated gif when i wake up bunch of drunken fools weird pictures maria's boss and his 2 kids, they have a band. they were really good too. sexy motherfuckers ryan's band, there are over 100 pictures of this set in the main link wade, took a million shots of him, they came out cool dave, he's going to be a daddy soon ryan tearing it up collin the bands played till like 3am at least, full blast, it was fucking awesome. one of the best nights in the history of all life. it was really god damn fun, all my friends were having a great time. SUNDAY how you cook breakfast for 60 people ryan's dad wade's girlfriend heather sat on a melted ass hershey bar, ran and tried to hide, zoom FTW, wade trying to get me to take a pic. hahaha some of the party crew ryan was glowing all weekend some of the tents. i fucked up, i should have taken these pictures the day before. half the tents are gone, half the people are gone πŸ™ utah as a power ranger i took about 8 zillion pictures of utah on his bike drove around in the cj5 taking the pics, god this thing gets me wet best jeep ever, with a proud owner πŸ˜€ shindaddy jumping a big quad best picture ever ever ever ryan's dad cooked us dinner again fucking YUMMY partied all night again MONDAY the saddest thing ever it rained briefly in the morning so i put my chairs by the fire, hung my hoodie up on one of the chairs. a few hours go by and this freak burst of wind tips over both my chairs and blows them RIGHT into the fire. taking my dr. martins hoodie with them. i wanted to cry. the aftermath after i yanked the chairs out of the fire, they burned like that for like 10 minutes whats left of my favorite hoodie πŸ™ leaving, jeep all packed up and ready to go. i'm so glad the dodge jeep made it the 300 miles, did some off roading and was great to me. came in super handy this weekend. i'm going to bed, i have to be in brooklyn at 7 fuck that


all pics:
(note, hoover dam album has 2 pages)
all pictures are as shot, no photoshop or adjustments as of yet. way too tired


taking off over newark/elizabeth

geek row on the airplane

somehow i arrived back in ny/nj?


rene in the garden at the bellagio

pretty colors in the garden


volcano at the mirage

best god damn food ever. stuff your face omg i’m going to die good food in margarita’s at the frontier

generators at the hoover dam

absolutely massive

absolutely amazing, looks like a model

lake mead

we actually stayed at the NY NY, really cool place

fountains at the bellagio
you can’t tell from the pics, but these fountains are shooting up well over 100ft, its insane

more stuff on the strip
there isn’t perspective, but this tower is HUGE

those windows aren’t floors, thats like 4 floors, this building is massive and stunning

my maria at the aquarium at the mandalay bay hotel aquarium


circus circus god god dammit dammit


top of the stratosphere, tallest building west of the mississippi
un fucking real view. seriously breathtaking.
i was too busy shitting my pants to get a clear picture. i needed a tripod, and i think the structure was swaying anyway and i needed a 5 second exposure or something to make it clear and bright. deal with this

and then at the top of the god damn thing there is this ride, a freefall style ride that shoots you up 100 something feet at 4g’s and drops you a few times.
seriously, you are on top of the tallest building in the west, and shot up outside on this aerial on the top. its on my top 5 list of coolest fucking things i’ve ever done. we were facing the strip and everything. simply amazing. maria freaked out standing on the top of this building on the top ledge where you get on and didn’t ride the ride. πŸ™
it was pretty nerve racking stepping outside with the high winds and cooler temperatures you are dangling so high in the air. and THEN get on a scarey ass ride. its god damn crazy. only in vegas

going home