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2009-01-08 Back in Vegas,
Bootleg Canyon day 3

After waking up in our Vegas hotel we hit up the $5 breakfast buffet. Not bad for $5, I ate my face off of breakfast burrito’s and ice cream.

We drove over to old faithful, Bootleg Canyon and since Steve was still hurt, we took it easy and road “Mother” and some adjoining trails. Since we were taking it easy I took my D80 again.

You can see what kind of trails the back of the canyon has to offer. Pretty cool and mellow, but still there are some really challenging parts which I enjoy.



We rode around to the car and there was a local guy there looking to shuttle to the top. We can’t fit 3 people in the car and Steve was still broken so the local dude (can’t remember his name) drove himself and I to the top of Bootleg with his pickup and Steve would drive him to get his truck when we got back down. We took one of the really hard technical cross country trails to the bottom. It was hard, and scarey. I had another moment when coming around a 90 deg bend on this really steep goat trails of loose gravel and sharp rock. any screw up and you are DONE and this turn just stuck out of the canyon and gave an awesome view. Really inspiring stuff. A few minutes later for the first time I noticed that my brakes were inadequate for the ride. My front brakes started to fade, and then fade badly. I started easing off of them and using my back brake more and that worked okay. I doulbt I’ll see conditions like that for another year and really I just had to squeeze harder. I didnt’ lose them yet.

We got to the bottom and my plan was to take a 2nd run down the mountain when Steve dropped the guy off at the top and he came back down he was supposed to shuttle me up again. While I was sitting at the bottom waiting for them to pick up his truck, I heard a bang and a hiss while I was making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch. I thought it was someone nearby opening a bottle of soda or something but when I stood up, I noticed that my front tire was the noise. I spontaneously and violently popped and deflated all at once, 15 minutes after I stopped riding. Odd but since I had already said that it would be my “last ride” I knew I cursed myself to get injured, and the flat tire was an omen. I decided to call it quits and just pack up.

Here’s a little gif of me taking my bike apart. I tried to take a picture once a minute, and the last few pictures my flash batteries went dead. Still kinda works though.

After returning to Vegas we found the restaurant that the Chef from Margarita’s (RIP) also started. It was in the Orleans casino. Food was pretty good.

7 Replies to “Biking Vegas”

  1. Luke and Steve,

    I’ll try to find out my relative own restaurant in las vegas, dont worry hes a 4 star chef … chef Lani peace be safe guys
    P.s. man i want to ride my bike now cant ice and snow still on ground weather here stinks

  2. You literally rode right by my Aunt and Uncle’s place. They live on the south side of South Mountain. I’ve hiked up that trail to that old gazebo up on the hill several times in the past year. Extremely steep stuff!

  3. You sissies, that cactus was just trying to be your friend. Next time pack some needlenose pliers and don’t try to pull them out with your hand or you will end up with 2 hands full of cactus. 🙂

    Thanks for calling when you were in town!! 🙁

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