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2008/12/29 Vegas & Cottonwood Blue Diamond

We woke up, packed up and headed off for the trails on our bikes, destination Cottonwood in Blue Diamond.

We stopped and ate breakfast at the Black Bear Diner, damn good breakfast but it was a little pricey.

We met some guy from Vermont in the parking lot and we followed him from the parking lot at the bike store to the trail head. Here’s a sample of what the trails look like.

This is as technical as it gets out here.

I rode with my front and rear suspension almost totally locked out the whole time. We spent a sold hour going about 5mph up a gradual gravel incline until we hit the snow line, and the ground got really tacky. We decided not to press on any further since the sun was getting close to the mountains. At this point we were pretty disappointed since there was no technical riding at all. Maybe once a mile there was a rock you had to navigate, but the trails were really smooth and really easy. But once we started our decent we changed our tune. it was fast and flowing and very fun. Pretty much 5 miles of downhill back to the car. See the valley all the way in the distance, that’s where we started.

Steve and the scenary

What made this trip possible, my garmin 705. I had downloaded another rider’s breadcrumb trail from and we just followed it. Surefire way to not get lost and enjoy a good trail.

Here’s the trail we did on google earth and motion based

Here’s a short video showing the flow, fun, and speed of the decent. Most of the trail was like this.



We really enjoyed the decent, packed up and went back to the hotel for a shower. I was starving to death and we went out and ate here:

For a kinda chain feeling place, the food was really damn good. I got a steak fajita and it was possibly the best one I’ve ever had. Everything was great and flavorful. The rice and beans were great and even the chips and salsa were really good. I really liked it. Steve didn’t like his burrito that much but it was because they used queso sauce and beans he doesn’t like so the food was probably great but just not his style on that dish. We should try it again some time.

We walked the strip briefly, and checked out rockabilly/punk/rock bar we are thinking about hanging out at for new year’s. Their juke box is awesome but they are having live bands on the holiday night. Looks like fun.

That’s it for now, I’m going to bed. 😀

7 Replies to “Biking Vegas”

  1. Luke and Steve,

    I’ll try to find out my relative own restaurant in las vegas, dont worry hes a 4 star chef … chef Lani peace be safe guys
    P.s. man i want to ride my bike now cant ice and snow still on ground weather here stinks

  2. You literally rode right by my Aunt and Uncle’s place. They live on the south side of South Mountain. I’ve hiked up that trail to that old gazebo up on the hill several times in the past year. Extremely steep stuff!

  3. You sissies, that cactus was just trying to be your friend. Next time pack some needlenose pliers and don’t try to pull them out with your hand or you will end up with 2 hands full of cactus. 🙂

    Thanks for calling when you were in town!! 🙁

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