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2009-01-02 Tuscon PIMA & Fantasy Island

We woke up and ran over to the PIMA Air and Space museum and the AMARG boneyard. Pretty damn cool. Lots and lots of planes.
Here are some of my favorites.

Mouthbreather jets are the most beautiful creations

Even the Communist ones

The bomb group had a B17-G on display, this one is in perfect condition, really really nice plane. This is the same model plane I flew in with maria.

They also had a B29 Superfortress
Not quite as sexy as a B-17 but man what an awe inspiring plane. To know how this thing changed the world forever…

Then we went out to the boneyard tour. This place was nuts. I didn’t take any pictures because I had an inboard seat in the bus and I wanted to listen to the tour guide. I knew there would be a zillion pictures of this place online I could just link here anyway.
Here is the boneyard, click to enlarge.

Those poor magnificent B52’s are being cut up in treaty with the Russians, bastards.

I got this from someone else’s photo album

Learn more about Pima and the graveyard here:

But basically it’s where all the old aircraft go to get parted out or mothballed for future use. Some of them get turned into drones that our pilots can use for practice to shoot down. Awesome museum, the whole thing. I could have spent hours and hours and days and days there. I can’t wait to go back and explore further. They had soooooo many planes.

After Pima we went to nearby “Fantasy Island” trails. Supposedly it’s this awesome mountain bike park, and it looked great but it was very tame. Very flat, very easy. VERY nice scenery though. The trails were very windy so that was cool.

Our GPS map:

Steve got attacked by a cactus, at first we just though he got hit by a cactus and we had to brush it off, but after about 15 minutes of both of us trying to pull the needles out of his hand we knew something was wrong. I ended up sending my Maria a camera phone picture of the cactus and having her research what in the world it is and what we are supposed to do. This thing had crazy barbed needles the size of sewing needles. There was a LOT of them stuck in his arm/hand. It was pretty scary. Eventually he pulled them out or broke them and was able to get his glove off. Man these things were STUCK in him, like I had great grip on one and I couldn’t pull it out, it was just pulling his skin really far and gross. We finished our loop and went to the pharmacy and Steve got tweezers and stuff to clean his wounds.

Here’s my camera phone picture which does not do it justice.

After we got cleaned up we met up with my friend Todd(zilla) and Keith for some pizza at Zachary’s in Tucson. The pizza was great and I ate WAY too much as per usual. We hung out for a few hours and then we crashed out at our hotel again.

7 Replies to “Biking Vegas”

  1. Luke and Steve,

    I’ll try to find out my relative own restaurant in las vegas, dont worry hes a 4 star chef … chef Lani peace be safe guys
    P.s. man i want to ride my bike now cant ice and snow still on ground weather here stinks

  2. You literally rode right by my Aunt and Uncle’s place. They live on the south side of South Mountain. I’ve hiked up that trail to that old gazebo up on the hill several times in the past year. Extremely steep stuff!

  3. You sissies, that cactus was just trying to be your friend. Next time pack some needlenose pliers and don’t try to pull them out with your hand or you will end up with 2 hands full of cactus. 🙂

    Thanks for calling when you were in town!! 🙁

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