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2009-01-03 Tuscon 50 Year Trail

50 year trail and did this loop:

Started out pretty easy and pretty scenic.

It later started getting harder and harder and in really interesting ways. Really tricky short climbs, these “chutes” they call them that were just exactly wide enough to pedal in if you were in the center. There was this whole roller coaster chutes section that was holy freakin awesome fun to ride on. We did that loop twice. It’s pretty much just half pipes cut into this roller coaster section so you can bank all the turns as hard as you dare and just bomb through these passages. It’s awesome. I’m sure there are video’s on youtube, I’ll look later.

More awesome views

So we get like half way through the 50 year trail and we come across a new section of wire fence in the middle of the freakin path, cutting us off. It’s a very clearly marked trail, and I can see it very clearly marked on the other side of the fence. WTF? We are scared to just hope the fence since this is Arizona, and people here have the right to defend their property and I would believe this would be trespassing hopping a barbed wire fence and all. So we turn around, and head back to where this loop returns where we were before. We go on that trail for a minute and BAM, fenced off again! WTF!!! We travel up to the road and find some joggers and ask them about the fencing off. They are utterly confused and swear that the trail is open. He’s telling us to open any gate we come to, and he’s not understanding the whole fence thing. He tells us a way to get on the 50 year trail he knows is open. We take that, and after an hour or so of some awesome, awesome technical climbing and decents we come to the back of the fence we were at before!!!! What the hell!

Here’s the fence:

After lifting my bike over and crawling thought hat hole in that gap in the fence I notice something really really really stupid of us.

It’s not a fence, It’s a gate. That damn log pulls out of the wire and the whole section will lay on the ground and you can walk over it, and pick the fence back up and pop it into the wire loop. Holy crap did we feel stupid. Not having grown up around cow fences we had no idea that this was a gate.

Well, it added good mileage to our travels 🙂

We get home, clean up and head out to Tuscon for Mexican. Steve takes us to downtown Tucson where its just littered in spoiled brat homeless white kids. Seriously ridiculous fake hippie crap. I almost stabbed a few of them in the face for smelling bad and asking me for money while they are talking on the cell phone.

We had some decent Mexican food, Steve had 2 Margarita’s and we went back to the hotel and passed out.

The hippies in Tucson did do some cool stuff with old bike parts though.

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7 Replies to “Biking Vegas”

  1. Luke and Steve,

    I’ll try to find out my relative own restaurant in las vegas, dont worry hes a 4 star chef … chef Lani peace be safe guys
    P.s. man i want to ride my bike now cant ice and snow still on ground weather here stinks

  2. You literally rode right by my Aunt and Uncle’s place. They live on the south side of South Mountain. I’ve hiked up that trail to that old gazebo up on the hill several times in the past year. Extremely steep stuff!

  3. You sissies, that cactus was just trying to be your friend. Next time pack some needlenose pliers and don’t try to pull them out with your hand or you will end up with 2 hands full of cactus. 🙂

    Thanks for calling when you were in town!! 🙁

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