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Tymor race tommorrow, I’ll be using this as a watermark also I hope. Cartoon needs a lot of fine tuning but it will work for now

2008 Mountain Man

2008/10/26 Mountain Man Race at Lewis Morris Park

Some of the Marty’s and Montclair riders I know were competing in this biathlon so I went up to join them and take some pictures. Some competitors had some awesome costumes and it was a great day full of comradery and excitement. And tons and tons of free food and prizes!

Great event, I really enjoyed it even though I was only a spectator.

Click the pic for the rest of my pictures, Somewhere in the middle of the pages I switched from holding the camera horizontal to vertical. this is about the time when I started seeing people come through on 2nd laps. If you were very fast, go back some images or a page or two, if you were trailing your first lap may be vertical.

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood