2012 Darkhorse 40

10th Annual! Rain held off till the bitter end, worked out awesome. Hot day though.

All the pics:


Green Nimble Nine with white Formula Oro brakes. Looks familiar! I have white rims on mine though. A few years ago my “through the water” picture of Seth on his old bike made it as the banner of www.gtluke.com,  just because it looked cool, especially with the orange rims. And then not even knowing who Seth was, we both pre ordered green Nimble Nine’s. Finally got to say hi this year in person, he’s from Maine.

2012 Singlespeed-a-polooza went off fantastic! Beautiful weather, fantastic event, and millions of single speed 29ers. Okay maybe not millions. Check out the pictures:



2011 Bagels and Bacon MTBNJ Short Track Race #1

Wooo short track racing in NJ!
Pictures here, they are all free. Thanks for coming out and supporting the first ever MTBNJ short track race. See you on October at the next one!
Pictures here:
Results here:
Event info here:
Woody’s Boner Air