New Car!

Well to me. I sold our Jeep Grand Cherokee and invested a little bit more to buy this 2000 Mazda Miata Special Edition. It’s got wood controls inside, power everything a 6 speed transmission. Nice car, awkward color. It’s a lot less purple in person I /I’m going to try and get better pictures of it this week.
Future plans are to remove that “style bar” for a real roll bar. Add an ipod adapter and install a new clutch because the pilot bearing squeaks.

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  1. Is the current commenting system which you use compatible with effective Spam stopping? I mean since a last few days I been getting 1000s of comments on my blogs and Akismet seams ready to give up.. Any suggestions buddy?

  2. Akismet has been working fine for me. But I also moderate every post. Once a user has a message approved they can keep posting without moderation. You just have to remember to check all the time for the pending comments. I forgot for a few days and didn’t notice yours until now 🙂

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