2011 Bagels and Bacon MTBNJ Short Track Race #1

Wooo short track racing in NJ!
Pictures here, they are all free. Thanks for coming out and supporting the first ever MTBNJ short track race. See you on October at the next one!
Pictures here:
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Woody’s Boner Air

2011 Fearsome Foursome by MTBNJ at Allamuchy

Wow, narrowly escaping disaster, MTBNJ pulls off another fantastic race. Late in the afternoon on Friday the Governor ordered all of the State Parks closed by 6pm, this means that MTBNJ couldn’t hold their race in Allamuchy. In blazing effort they rerouted the entire race on Boy Scouts of America property, and managed to keep the course around 7 miles. With the exception of one awful climb, the course was fantastic!

This event was coupled with Cranks Around the Campfire event, which proved to be a fantastic time yet again. Camping was great, riding was great, and the people were great. I can’t wait to do this awesome weekend again next year, but hopefully without the worst hurricane to ever hit the northeast looming. Even with the impending doom the event was a great success.

All the photos:


This looks pretty fearsome


2011 Hilltop Grasshopper

The 2011 Hilltop Grasshopper kids race went off for it’s 2nd annual running smashingly. The morning weather looked a little dreary but come race time it was a spectacular day. All the kids were out having a great time on their bikes!

Pics: http://gtluke.smugmug.com/Biking/2011-Hilltop-Grasshopper

Thank you for coming out and enjoying the bike trails with us.
All pictures are free of charge to download for personal use. Prints are also available through this website for only the printing fee.
Mountain biking in Essex County needs your help. If you think you would have purchased these photos, please send that money to my favorite organizations on my behalf. Your time is also a commodity which can be donated.
http://www.hilltopconservancy.org/ takes care of this wonderful park the race was held in.
http://www.jorba.org/ is the Jersey Off Road Biking Association. They provide massive efforts in trail building and maintaining and also providing group mountain bike rides and supporting family rides such as this one. An absolutely invaluable organization.
And please, if you feel that mountain biking is not a crime, contact our County Executive and voice your support for mountain biking in Essex County. Currently it is not legal to ride a bicycle in Essex County parks.

2011 Darkhorse 40

Excellent race by Maddawg and Darkhorse yet again! I’ll update this soon, real job keeping me very busy. Pictures are currently uploading at 9pm on race day, hopefully they are done by midnight. But here is the link to the pictures. Please note that during lap 1 I had some location and technical problems and I missed some riders, during lap 2 I had some serious hardware issues which caused me to miss another batch of riders. Hopefully I got at least one good shot of each rider, but I fear there are riders I missed, my apologies if I did.




2011 Bearscat 50

Beautiful day for a 50 mile suck fest in Wawayanda! Congrats to everyone that finished and to those that tried. Quite an accomplishment. I only took pictures on the 1st lap, but did so in 2 locations. On the 2nd location at some point my lens malfunctioned and while trying to fix it I missed a handful of riders. Too much mud still left over from the Stewart races, and one of the switches was jammed.

Here’s all the pictures:


There were some riders who got DQ’s for missing a turn. For those that I caught there is a gallery of free pictures for you. Hopefully it makes you feel better, I missed a turn out there too just trying to find my photo spot.

Here’s Woody. He’s completely retarded, as in Single Speed and full rigid.

2011 Stewart Super Six Pack by MBTNJ

Congratulations to Norm and crew for their first racing going so swimmingly. Truly a flawless execution. Bonus for having sandwiches and diet coke delivered to me in the woods!

Follow the discussions of the event over here:


All the pictures on my site are here:


And here’s Jim, I was all excited to see Jim back on a mountain bike, but he crashed and burned. Check out the blood on his right side. Valiant effort in a return to knobby tires though.