2009 Rally New York RallySprints

Not a terrific amount to write up about this event. It was supposed to be a 6 stage rally, consisting of 6 passes on the same road with a service after stage 3. Due to a wreck on stage 1, the event was cancelled. I managed to get a few decent shots of the first half of the field on the first stage but that was about it. The event organizer Ivan was entered in the race and I was excited to be able to give him a small something (my pictures) for all his hard work. Unfortunately he was behind the wreck and I never got a chance to see him.

All the pictures from the cars that made it past me are here: http://gtluke.smugmug.com/gallery/8627295_D3P3Z

Everyone at the event was very nice and the situation was handled flawlessly (besides the stuck fire truck).

We did manage to grab pizza at a local pizza place and it was actually really good pizza, and we were many many miles away from New York City 🙂

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  1. ‘Bout time you featured a Mitsubishi for one of your rally articles, Luke! 😛

    I didn’t even know about this event. I am so out of the rally scene this year, it’s not cool. Need to get a car ready to at least play around and get back into the scene. Don’t want to be a one-eventer, ya know?

  2. Man I try, but the subie’s always come out better in pictures 🙂 Probably because the evo’s are usually white and those are the hardest to look good.

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