2009 Susquehannock Trail

“Membership has its privileges”
That was the thought that ran through my mind while sitting comfortably in the shade, eating a delicious medley of fresh strawberries and dirt as Ken Block drifted less than ten feet from where I was sitting.
The summer of 2009 brings us to the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally or as it’s better known as, STPR.  STPR is the 5th race of the Rally America series held in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania.

The entire photo gallery of the event can be found here:

2 Replies to “2009 Susquehannock Trail”

  1. Excellent reporting as always, Luke. Surprised there wasn’t more talk of mexican food this time out! 😛

    Great shots as usual. Glad to not hear of any DSLRs being harmed in the making of this report.

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