2009 Spring Rally New York

“I can’t feel my feet anymore…are you sure this is the SPRING rally?”

That seemed to be the reoccurring question at this year’s Spring Rally New York. Now don’t get me wrong, we at RallyAddict.com are always excited for the Spring Rally NY as it signifies the beginning of a new rally season, however this year turned out to be a cold, damp one.

Link to just the gallery of all the pictures (have a few hundred more offline if anyone is interested in purchasing a team set, you get all the one’s I have.)


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On a side note, the recent development of twitter.com let us and other rally enthusiasts provide instant information (along with low quality pictures) from cell phones to anyone subscribed to our “tweets” at www.twitter.com/rallyaddict or watching our “Live Updates” at www.RallyAddict.com. This proved to be a useful service, providing instant race stats and cool updates. We will surely be using this in future rallies and encourage everybody to follow along at the next race.

Another cool technology we were able to implement was the use of GPS coordinates in all of our images. You can use the “Map This” button in the smugmug galleries to place the picture on google maps. This isn’t terribly useful for this weekend’s rally since we didn’t move about too often, but it could prove very neat on a rally where we are constnantly moving and taking pictures. The implementation is also elementry and crude but try it out.

Our adventure began Thursday night as we packed up the RallyVan and headed out to Ellenville, NY where rally HQ was being hosted by Honor’s Haven Resort & Spa. Last year rally HQ was hosted by the Nevele Hotel and I must say that Honor’s Haven is a giant improvement over the Nevele even though the two hotels literally share the same driveway. If you never stayed at the Nevele, check out our horrifying pics from last year’s rally HERE.

Once we were checked in to the hotel, we decided to grab dinner in Ellenville. Last year we ate almost every meal at a local Mexican restaurant called Mex Mix located on Canal St. This year was no different…other than Mex Mix is under new ownership and now called Gaby’s Café. We at RallyAddict.com love our Mexican food and we’re pleased to say that the food is just as delicious and provided a warm retreat from the miserable weather that seemed to plague the weekend.

Unfortunately while gorging ourselves on fresh burritos and free chips & salsa, we lost track of time and missed the Parc Expose and Ceremonial Start to the race. We apologize that we can’t provide you with “pre-carnage pics” that we usually like to provide along with this review. We promise that we’ll try better in the future to keep an eye on the time. After our parc expose fail, it was back to the hotel where we prepped for the next day’s stages.

Transiting and Misc

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  • DSC_9898
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  • _DSC2607
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  • _DSC2604
  • _DSC2970
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