2010 Spring Rally NY

Attention racers, want all the pictures of your car from the weekend? Paypal $60 to gtluke@gtluke.com or shoot me an email there for my contact information. I’ll then individually edit and adjust all of the pictures and make them available for download in full size.

One again we are back in beautiful Sullivan County NY for another Rally New York event. The spring rally is a completely tarmac event held on two familiar stages and one new stage.

The weekend started for Dave and I on Friday morning with the long trek up to Walton to pick up our press passes. We met up for the weekend at the Days Inn Motel in Liberty NY so we could carpool from there. It was a pleasant and scenic drive except for my Hyundeath had a really bad misfire from bad plug wires, and of course I waited for the last minute to order them so they didn’t come in on time. After reaching Walton picking up our passes we decided to get the breakfast offered at the restaurant who was hosting the Rally HQ (West 38 Restaurant, Walton, NY). My western omelet was awesome and Dave enjoyed his eggs. We had a few hours to kill so we drove back to Liberty and checked into our room. It was very kind of the motel to let us check in about 4 hours early. Dave took a nap, I made fun of Dave snoring.
We then headed over to the Parc Expose at the Sullivan County Government Center, in Monticello to see all the contestants in prime form.

All of the pictures:

Bill from Broken Motorsports



Another Donnelly

After the expose Dave and I headed over to our first spot. This was a unique rally for the RallyAddict team as it was just Dave and I attending. At every other rally we have company who isn’t equipped with a press pass so we always have chosen the spectator areas as the start to our shooting locations. This time we headed right to a no-spectator zone at the corner of Chalet and Thomsonville Road and started snapping pictures. We arrived to catch the 3rd stage.

All the pics:


Erika on 3 wheels

3 series screaming

Mazda love

SS4 was the same stage in the opposite direction
All the pics:



After this passing of the cars, light was getting dim so we decided to check out the official spectator spot in the amphitheater like setting of the Concord Resort golf course. Strange to see the old Concord Resort completely torn down into a pile which is slowly being removed. The golf course gives some pretty wild views of the rally cars, very interesting. We mainly just enjoyed the rally for this stage and left the cameras alone. Dave did manage to snap a few though:

That was it for the night for us, we headed over to the Liberty Diner by our hotel and grabbed some food. I wish we had made a different choice on locations, but any food is great after a day of rally. We turned in for the night and decided to skip the first stages in the morning since there was a 4 hour gap between pairs of passes, we’d just catch the 2nd pair at noon instead of 7am.

I woke up Dave and made him accompany me to the continental breakfast at our hotel. I had 2 bagels, a bowl of cereal, a jellied English muffin, a pastry, 3 cups of tea, 3 cups of orange juice and a cup of apple juice. Dave had a cup of Tea, I think there is something wrong with him.
After that we hung out for a bit and headed over to the stage. This stage was way back up in Walton NY, John Meredith. We chose the no-spectator area again at the corner of Dunk Hill Spur and Palmer Hill Rd. It’s an almost 180deg turn with a huge elevation change, the Evo’s came through at a staggering pace with some fantastic skill behind the wheel.

All the pics from SS11:

Here’s my view:

And here’s Dave’s view from on the top of the hill:

McCormack coming in a little injured looking, but not injured performing

Billy coming through at breakneck speed

SS12 was the same passing
All the pics:

Honda doing a sweet burnout

After this stage Dave and I agreed not to wait another 4 hours for the cars to come again. We should have timed ourselves a little better and used this break to go get lunch in Walton and then came back again. But we had our fill of rally and had a great time. It wasn’t pouring rain the entire time which was a break from the usually Rally NY events. Just some snow flurries on Stages 11 and 12.

Dave and I were trying to figure out if any cars had dropped out and we knew at least 1 focus had, but it’s still fantastic how many cars were still in it after stage 12, good work guys! On the way home, about 100 miles from the rally I spotted the missing Focus on rt280, about 1 mile from my house. Crazy.

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  1. Excellent shots (and story) as usual, Luke. Always enjoy your work.

    Man. I need to get out to more rallies. I’d also like to check out some rainy forest stages one day. You ought to come out to Arizona one day to check out some desert rally. Maybe time a bike trip to Moab with the Prescott Rally or something. (Prescott will be USRC National Final this year.) 😉

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