Biking Vegas

Page 1 2008/12/28 – Departure – Arrival
Page 2 2008/12/29 – Cottonwood Trails
Page 3 2008/12/30 – Bootleg Canyon
Page 4 2008/12/31 – Bootleg Canyon New Years Eve
Page 5 2009/01/01 – Tucson Titan Missile
Page 6 2009/01/02 – Tucson PIMA & Fantasy Island
Page 7 2009/01/03 – Tucson 50 Year Trail
Page 8 2009/01/04 & 05 – Phoenix
Page 9 2009/01/06 – Sedona
Page 10 2009/01/07 – Sedona Day 2
Page 11 2009/01/08 – Back in Vegas, Bootleg Canyon day 3
Page 12 2009/01/09 – Departing Vegas, Departing Thoughts

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Saturday afternoon Steve and I left for Vegas with our bicycle’s packed in luggage, not oversized.

This was the trial fit:

It’s a 25″x27″x10″ double wall cardboard box my buddy had made for me (max luggage size is 62 linear inches), bike fits real easy in there. Disassembly is about 15 minutes, assembly the same. I’m stunned how easy mountain bikes come apart and goes back together.

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2008 Mountain Man

2008/10/26 Mountain Man Race at Lewis Morris Park

Some of the Marty’s and Montclair riders I know were competing in this biathlon so I went up to join them and take some pictures. Some competitors had some awesome costumes and it was a great day full of comradery and excitement. And tons and tons of free food and prizes!

Great event, I really enjoyed it even though I was only a spectator.

Click the pic for the rest of my pictures, Somewhere in the middle of the pages I switched from holding the camera horizontal to vertical. this is about the time when I started seeing people come through on 2nd laps. If you were very fast, go back some images or a page or two, if you were trailing your first lap may be vertical.

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood