Aluminum Overcast


maria and i flew on the aluminum overcast b17 bomber, it was one hell of a day


hmm thats an odd looking plane up there (not photoshopped)


landing omg deputy dewey lets me in the plane? well now, thats not a view you don't see everyday. my head sticking OUTSIDE of a flying airplane. maria trying to get a look without her hair ripping out/skirt flying up some other guy taking pics outside catwalk through the bomb bay holy fuck let me fly! omg get closer to props? you know, i don't think there is a better view out of an airplane possible EVER BOMBARDIER STATION FUCKING WIN [size=24]DROPPING BOMBS ON YOUR ASS BITCH[/size] i can not express in words what this sounds like, most amazing thing in the world best date ever other favorites this one came out blurry so deal with a small one this shit smokes like a dsm

2007 Hershey


awesome time as always. 


camped at hershey campgrounds friday night, saturday, checked out sunday morning lil crammed in 2 campsites with 14 people tom and shindaddy in the 8th row on the super duper looper insect porn bad ass wade and heather yay ryan fits this year! lil blurry, and my maria doesn't know how her hand isn't transparent 🙂 utah has no idea what is about to happen to him utah absolutely drenched, i think it broke his phone too 🙁 it looked like he took a bath in flume water perty some fireworks, photo's need cropping stupid phone lines cars the crew on the hershey tour ride world's largest hershey kiss looks like they are going to finish the chocolate part of it today, and then just sculpt it some more. the end