Biking Vegas

Page 1 2008/12/28 – Departure – Arrival
Page 2 2008/12/29 – Cottonwood Trails
Page 3 2008/12/30 – Bootleg Canyon
Page 4 2008/12/31 – Bootleg Canyon New Years Eve
Page 5 2009/01/01 – Tucson Titan Missile
Page 6 2009/01/02 – Tucson PIMA & Fantasy Island
Page 7 2009/01/03 – Tucson 50 Year Trail
Page 8 2009/01/04 & 05 – Phoenix
Page 9 2009/01/06 – Sedona
Page 10 2009/01/07 – Sedona Day 2
Page 11 2009/01/08 – Back in Vegas, Bootleg Canyon day 3
Page 12 2009/01/09 – Departing Vegas, Departing Thoughts

Full album of entire vacation


Saturday afternoon Steve and I left for Vegas with our bicycle’s packed in luggage, not oversized.

This was the trial fit:

It’s a 25″x27″x10″ double wall cardboard box my buddy had made for me (max luggage size is 62 linear inches), bike fits real easy in there. Disassembly is about 15 minutes, assembly the same. I’m stunned how easy mountain bikes come apart and goes back together.

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all the pictures here:


together we fly out of newark on friday night the 13th, uneventful and we make it to SLC utah around midnight that night. we go to get our car from fox’s rental car where we have a reservation and after waiting and calling can waiting and calling it turns out they close at midnight and didn’t wait for us. they had our flight number, fuck them in the ass.

after figuring this out we go back into the airport and talk to the friendly people at national/alamo (guess they are partnered somehow after midnight) and we get set up with a nice deal on a nissan rouge. i even had a national car discount card and we got the upgraded car for free and got a nice discount. sweet.

we pile all our shit into our new awd rouge and get out of town and crash for the night at a best western. we wake up and see utah for the first time during the day. holy shit, its taco time!

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steve and i had training to do in chicago at the motorola facility, our boss is awesome so he sent us out the weekend ahead of time to check out the city. in complete awesomeness, he bought us a BALLER room in downtown chicago, right in the heart of all the cool shit.
we flew into o’hare airport on friday night. we stepped off the plane, walked like 2 minutes and were shocked to find the place where you get your luggage so close. i even said “holy crap that was easy” and 2 seconds later my bag came out of it. we picked up our bags and walked away, i think we were in the airport for like 4 minutes.
we walked downstairs and bought a $12 city pass to all the transit systems for the weekend.
we hopped on the red line train and made our way into the city. the train was packed full of college kids, pretty neat. took a while though, but yeah its a subway so its to be expected with all the stops.

we stopped at what we though was our stop, it was our street name. we didn’t do much planning ahead of time so yeah… we came out of the subway and jumped in a cab and $6 later we were at our BALLER hotel.

we dropped off our crap and went to get some food. we found some decent bar down the street and were shocked to see how early everything closes in chicago.
crappy pic

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all pics:
(note, hoover dam album has 2 pages)
all pictures are as shot, no photoshop or adjustments as of yet. way too tired


taking off over newark/elizabeth

geek row on the airplane

somehow i arrived back in ny/nj?


rene in the garden at the bellagio

pretty colors in the garden


volcano at the mirage

best god damn food ever. stuff your face omg i’m going to die good food in margarita’s at the frontier

generators at the hoover dam

absolutely massive

absolutely amazing, looks like a model

lake mead

we actually stayed at the NY NY, really cool place

fountains at the bellagio
you can’t tell from the pics, but these fountains are shooting up well over 100ft, its insane

more stuff on the strip
there isn’t perspective, but this tower is HUGE

those windows aren’t floors, thats like 4 floors, this building is massive and stunning

my maria at the aquarium at the mandalay bay hotel aquarium


circus circus god god dammit dammit


top of the stratosphere, tallest building west of the mississippi
un fucking real view. seriously breathtaking.
i was too busy shitting my pants to get a clear picture. i needed a tripod, and i think the structure was swaying anyway and i needed a 5 second exposure or something to make it clear and bright. deal with this

and then at the top of the god damn thing there is this ride, a freefall style ride that shoots you up 100 something feet at 4g’s and drops you a few times.
seriously, you are on top of the tallest building in the west, and shot up outside on this aerial on the top. its on my top 5 list of coolest fucking things i’ve ever done. we were facing the strip and everything. simply amazing. maria freaked out standing on the top of this building on the top ledge where you get on and didn’t ride the ride. 🙁
it was pretty nerve racking stepping outside with the high winds and cooler temperatures you are dangling so high in the air. and THEN get on a scarey ass ride. its god damn crazy. only in vegas

going home