2009 Vegas Weddings

Late on this update, but anyway.

So pretty much everyone I know is booked on the same flight out to Vegas for the pair of weddings that weekend. Our friends Rich and Dawn are getting married on Sunday, and Phil and Ashley are getting married on Monday.

Here’s Craig and Phil’s brother

We got on the flight and after an intense game of musical chairs we all got seated near our mates and we seriously occupied like 1/4 of the plane.
Steve, Rene, and Craig

We landed, and because I use the world’s best rental car service (National) I was able to get us into a brand new full size Silverado pickup truck. Handy for the rest of the week and damn was it comfy to cruise around in.

We got to the hotel and I started putting together my bike.

We eventually went out and met up with Rich during his last night as a single man. He was eating dinner at a sports bar in Paris.

Craig drinking a beer

Ted doing the same

We hung out that night and walked around and went to bed. The next day was Rich’s big day. We met up with him at Paris where he was getting married. We chatted a bit and went inside and waited for the ceremony to start.

Here’s Dawn and her Dad coming down the isle.

The two of them



Richard pretending to be serious

For reception we headed over to Planet Hollywood where we had some great dinner.

We ate, hung out and called it a night.

Monday morning maria and I went over to Mandalay bay to check out the aquarium again.


Maria likes sharks

That night was Phil’s and Ashley’s wedding. We arrived at the chapel early and thought we were lost. A few minutes later people started rolling in though.
The gang

Phil and Ash arrive in their limo, courtesy of www.rockstarzlimo.com

While we were waiting, Elvis came and introduced himself to everyone in the room. Awesome guy.

Ashley and her dad being danced down the isle by Elvis

Elvis doing the service, Ashley looking nervous!

Elvis being awesome


Everyone wanted a turn with Elvis

Even the newlyweds

Damn kids 😀

Even Maria and I

Elvis was awesome

After party at Margaritaville

After that we went down to Old Vegas to hang out.


The next day I woke up early and went for a bike ride around Vegas

After that Steve and I headed over to Bootleg Canyon for some riding. Here’s a shot of Steve coming down Girlscout.

The next day we packed up all of our bikes and headed back to bootleg. Rene brought his Ritchie travel bike and he went for a road ride around Lake Mead. Which he really enjoyed, he rarely gets to go outside with all the action that’s been going on https://www.boomtownbingo.com/90-ball-bingo-rules/, it was nice to see him relax and enjoy his bike. Anyway, here’s a crappy picture of Rene in the casino with his bike.

Up the escalator

In the elevator

Here’s Rene’s travel bike

That night Rene and I figured out that there was a pinball museum in town and went over. It’s not so much a museum as it is the largest collection of pinball machines you have ever seen. There were 6 rows of them. Here are just 2!

We hung out there for like 2 hours playing pinball, pretty awesome. I would totally go back to play some more. He had all the machines in tip top shape.

I stopped on the parking deck to take some pictures.

The next day we were hanging out in the casinos checking stuff out.

That’s about it for now. Wish I took more pictures of us biking but it’s such a pain to carry a camera. I really need a smaller point and shoot camera to keep with me all the time.

5 Replies to “2009 Vegas Weddings”

  1. I believe the Canon S90 uses the same sensor as the G11, and it still allows for manual control. It’s a smaller P&S with the same basic features.

  2. Just a little FYI: I just bought the Canon G11 to supplement my larger camera for my trip to Costa Rica. I played with the S90 and G11 in store, and side by side I just felt like the G11 was less of a toy. Yes, it is slightly larger, but the difference is negligible, and it offered better zoom capabilities. I am thoroughly satisfied with my G11 purchase, and in fact, have hardly even taken out my big camera while down here (except for a few excursions around the resort while my wife was doing “chick stuff”). I am hardly a photog by any means, but I am quickly learning… My big camera is a very old Canon EOS 10D body with a 25-70mm f2.8, a 14mm f2.8 and a 70-200mm f2.8 with image stabilization and 2x extender. All glass is by canon.

    Just figured I’d offer a little hands on experience with the tiny Canon cameras to you Nikon junkies

  3. I had the G9 during summer 08, and while it was very liberating to have a P&S size camera with logical manual controls (freaking LOVE that ISO mechanical dial…why don’t DSLR’s have that?), I though the image quality was pretty shitty.

    Granted, Im spoiled by the FX nikon sensor, but it was enough difference to make be sell it and keep lugging around big metal dslr around on all my family trips and stuff. It wasn’t even the ISO noise that did it for me. It was more the dynamic range and highlight clipping, as often all my “kiddie trips” are out in the sun and daylight. I can tell in an instant which pics I took came out of the G9 because the brightest parts of any picture are harsh transition between color and blownout detail. It also seemed to have very little wiggle room on exposure on the raw file compared to the nikon FX.

    On my D3 files, I can get away with insane amounts of exposure , fill, and highlight recovery in Adobe Lightroom. Stupid amounts…like +,- 3 stops and get an acceptable file. The G9 raw files you could adjust exposure maybe .5stops before noise and clipping was out of control and the file was poop.

    not to mention the lens wasn’t wide enough for my style. I can walk around with a damn fisheye on my D90 and be happy, in general use, I don’t want a 35-300mm lens like the G9 has.

    G11 is supposed to be less MP, better quality, higher ISO, cleaner files. Also the lens is a bit wider…I think 25-200mm or so.

    maybe two of the things I disliked about the G9 would be improved enough to give it another try.

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