2011 Vegas Day 1

Back to Vegas, again.
Here’s an awesome link of all the photos geoencoded on a map, sweet!

This time because my wife wanted to meet up with a bunch of her coworkers. Of course I’ll use this opportunity to ride the awesome trails in the surrounding area. Being the cheap bastard that I always am, I packed up my bike in a “luggage” sized box again. This time thought I’m bringing my Trek Fuel EX 69er.
Yes, Trek made this bike, and I seriously doubt anyone has ever seen another one. I LOOOVE the geometry, but the cheapness of this bike is kind of annoying. Wish there was a high end version of this bike.
Anyway, it was a struggle but I did get it in the box. I took the rear triangle and handlebars and put them in my regular carry on for better fit and for weight. Carrying that box sucks so I put everything light and big in it and put the heavy stuff in my carry on that has wheels. I’m surprised that the TSA said nothing about the chain, hydraulic brakes, cable shifters and derailures, and crankshaft with rings.
Here are some pictures of the bike going in the box.

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2010 Snowboarding

This doesn’t need it’s own post but I went snowboarding again with Utah at Bellayre and shot this awesome video:

This would be the first time I went snowboarding since my motorcycle wreck in 05. I have a bunch of blown out discs in my back and I’ve always been really afraid of the compression that comes with snowboarding or skiing. But, I decided to give it a try anyway.
Tim, myself, and my wife Maria went up the night before so we could take our time. It would be the first time my wife did any kind of winter sports.
Here’s all of us on the Skii lift:

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Biking Vegas

Page 1 2008/12/28 – Departure – Arrival
Page 2 2008/12/29 – Cottonwood Trails
Page 3 2008/12/30 – Bootleg Canyon
Page 4 2008/12/31 – Bootleg Canyon New Years Eve
Page 5 2009/01/01 – Tucson Titan Missile
Page 6 2009/01/02 – Tucson PIMA & Fantasy Island
Page 7 2009/01/03 – Tucson 50 Year Trail
Page 8 2009/01/04 & 05 – Phoenix
Page 9 2009/01/06 – Sedona
Page 10 2009/01/07 – Sedona Day 2
Page 11 2009/01/08 – Back in Vegas, Bootleg Canyon day 3
Page 12 2009/01/09 – Departing Vegas, Departing Thoughts

Full album of entire vacation



Saturday afternoon Steve and I left for Vegas with our bicycle’s packed in luggage, not oversized.

This was the trial fit:


It’s a 25″x27″x10″ double wall cardboard box my buddy had made for me (max luggage size is 62 linear inches), bike fits real easy in there. Disassembly is about 15 minutes, assembly the same. I’m stunned how easy mountain bikes come apart and goes back together.

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all the pictures here:


together we fly out of newark on friday night the 13th, uneventful and we make it to SLC utah around midnight that night. we go to get our car from fox’s rental car where we have a reservation and after waiting and calling can waiting and calling it turns out they close at midnight and didn’t wait for us. they had our flight number, fuck them in the ass.

after figuring this out we go back into the airport and talk to the friendly people at national/alamo (guess they are partnered somehow after midnight) and we get set up with a nice deal on a nissan rouge. i even had a national car discount card and we got the upgraded car for free and got a nice discount. sweet.

we pile all our shit into our new awd rouge and get out of town and crash for the night at a best western. we wake up and see utah for the first time during the day. holy shit, its taco time!

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steve and i had training to do in chicago at the motorola facility, our boss is awesome so he sent us out the weekend ahead of time to check out the city. in complete awesomeness, he bought us a BALLER room in downtown chicago, right in the heart of all the cool shit.
we flew into o’hare airport on friday night. we stepped off the plane, walked like 2 minutes and were shocked to find the place where you get your luggage so close. i even said “holy crap that was easy” and 2 seconds later my bag came out of it. we picked up our bags and walked away, i think we were in the airport for like 4 minutes.
we walked downstairs and bought a $12 city pass to all the transit systems for the weekend.
we hopped on the red line train and made our way into the city. the train was packed full of college kids, pretty neat. took a while though, but yeah its a subway so its to be expected with all the stops.

we stopped at what we though was our stop, it was our street name. we didn’t do much planning ahead of time so yeah… we came out of the subway and jumped in a cab and $6 later we were at our BALLER hotel.

we dropped off our crap and went to get some food. we found some decent bar down the street and were shocked to see how early everything closes in chicago.
crappy pic

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2007 Labor Day

saturday i went mountain bike riding with satanpez steve, i think we did about 15 miles in the woods around morristown. then i worked o my car, then we went to a friends BBQ party. no pics, it sucks that there are some cool places to take pics while bike riding, but i'm not taking my camera out there, fuck that. sunday i worked on my car, and then went to a huge 50's car show called lead east. 




this guy writes for weird NJ i took a lap around the car show in this for $1, it was awesome 😀 took a pic of my gf in the reflection of a chrome bumber 😀 then me and my GF met up with Utah and Sandy at a pub in morristown for some food. then i went home and watched 2 lane blacktop and passed out. monday i went riding with utah and steve again, this time like 20 miles in the woods, utah had a camera. tuesday (i know its not the weekend shut up) i wanted to meet up with this guy i've been chatting online with for a few years at a cruise in at the ledgewood mcdonalds. i got steve to come, and utah to join us. we met up with the coolest guy i've ever met, he just happened to pull in behind me at the show. utah has met him before, and he tells me that nate talked to him for like 2 hours once. he's got a 65 i think vette, with a small block 427 with twin turbo's what makes this guy so cool, is how far he had to go to get a stick shift to stay in this, and that he built the twin turbo setup in the EARLY 80's, with fuel injection. this was pre internet, pre turbo popularity, pre basically anything stand alone fuel injection. he has some seriously oddball stuff on there. he built this car himself, when it was HARD to do. very very knowledgeable guy, really really cool and nice. plus he went to CCM in 1971 so he's fucking awesome in my book. CCM alumni unite! haha, we all went there. his car:

Aluminum Overcast


maria and i flew on the aluminum overcast b17 bomber, it was one hell of a day



hmm thats an odd looking plane up there (not photoshopped)


landing omg deputy dewey lets me in the plane? well now, thats not a view you don't see everyday. my head sticking OUTSIDE of a flying airplane. maria trying to get a look without her hair ripping out/skirt flying up some other guy taking pics outside catwalk through the bomb bay holy fuck let me fly! omg get closer to props? you know, i don't think there is a better view out of an airplane possible EVER BOMBARDIER STATION FUCKING WIN [size=24]DROPPING BOMBS ON YOUR ASS BITCH[/size] i can not express in words what this sounds like, most amazing thing in the world best date ever other favorites this one came out blurry so deal with a small one this shit smokes like a dsm

2007 Hershey


awesome time as always. 



camped at hershey campgrounds friday night, saturday, checked out sunday morning lil crammed in 2 campsites with 14 people tom and shindaddy in the 8th row on the super duper looper insect porn bad ass wade and heather yay ryan fits this year! lil blurry, and my maria doesn't know how her hand isn't transparent 🙂 utah has no idea what is about to happen to him utah absolutely drenched, i think it broke his phone too 🙁 it looked like he took a bath in flume water perty some fireworks, photo's need cropping stupid phone lines cars the crew on the hershey tour ride world's largest hershey kiss looks like they are going to finish the chocolate part of it today, and then just sculpt it some more. the end