2008 Hershey

All the pics:


i’m in the orange

got my d80 on a rollercoaster 😀

yeah, its really fucking hard to take pictures on a wooden roller coaster

on another coaster, one that races another one so i got some side by side action

here’s a picture i took of a picture of me on and that picture is me getting pictures of my friends on the other coaster

my friend tom on the “claw”
ryan got ejected because he was too fat and the seat wouldn’t close. epic

me trying to get ryan in the trial chair of a coaster, we couldn’t get him in but they had “larger” belts on the ride for him 😀

night time coaster action. tried to capture some movement but it didn’t work out well.

fireworks, i suck at them. no tripod either

a light redition of the maxwell commercial. haha

fake factory tour ride

this guy needs to upgrade to steve’s sb400 😀

basically how i spent my entire vacation, camera to face

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