2010 Snowboarding

This doesn’t need it’s own post but I went snowboarding again with Utah at Bellayre and shot this awesome video:

This would be the first time I went snowboarding since my motorcycle wreck in 05. I have a bunch of blown out discs in my back and I’ve always been really afraid of the compression that comes with snowboarding or skiing. But, I decided to give it a try anyway.
Tim, myself, and my wife Maria went up the night before so we could take our time. It would be the first time my wife did any kind of winter sports.
Here’s all of us on the Skii lift:

We also pigged out at the continental breakfast, or at least I did.

So we get up to the mountain and because of some screwed up way the place is laid out you have to take a truck ride to the ticket booth. No problem though. We got our tickets after waiting for the lady in front of me to pay with food stamps or something, it took her an honest 10 minutes to complete her transaction for her and her 900 children.

By this time we had met up with Utah and Eileen who arrived that morning. I abandoned my wife to ski school and we started our day.
Here’s Eileen enjoying the snow.

And Utah and Eileen as we wait for rusty Tim to remember how to snowboard.

Here’s me and Ei trying to figure out how to take a picture of all of us on the lift.

Then Tim figured it out 😛

And Tim trying his best not to get pissed off at the snow.

Utah decided he could skii and operate the camera at the same time, I figured out that I really couldn’t on the snowboard, I have to use my arms too much because I suck.
As you can see in this video as Eileen looks totally natural and graceful and I look like I’m in some kind of perpetual fall.

We then went and found my wife who had been successfully navigating the bunny hill by herself and having a good time, and we took a few more runs and our lift ticket’s were done at 4:30.

I had a really good time snowboarding, but on the very last run i felt a really sharp pain in my back. I had felt a little pain while sitting on the lift but I was ignoring it. I had 2 Motrin in me from the morning and I guess they were wearing off. While walking back to the car I experienced some of the worst pain in my life. I couldn’t even walk, it was intense shooting pain right in my spine. UGH. My wife carried my stuff and I eventually made it to the car. The whole ride home I had back spasms every few minutes. Once we got home we decided to go back out and get dinner as a group again. Tim didn’t want to come, I think he missed his wife too much 🙂
During dinner and after my back continued to spasm like crazy. I really thought I was going to have to go to the hospital or something for real pain killers. I had by then taken another 5 Motrin in the last few hours and it wasn’t helping at all. When I got home I used my heating pad to calm down my back, my normal 15 minutes on, 15 off. Eventually my back unclamped from it’s incredibly tense position and I was able to stretch and crack my back. By the next day I was completely fine. I took it easy anyway and didn’t do anything. Now today (Monday) I feel like nothing ever happened. So strange, usually when I have back spasms that mean’s I’m stuck in bed for weeks. hmf.
Maybe I’ll have to get a huge heating stick on thing to wear on my back next time. Something to keep my back from tensing up.
Now I want to go snowboarding again!

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  1. Two thoughts:

    1. The Obama look-alike on the TV behind you in the Continental breakfast shot looks as though he does not approve of your free food stuffs consumption levels. That, or he’s bummed that he’s about to get into a Chevy Maliboo or something.

    2. I’ve never seen snowboarding footage like that before. Seems like it’s always hyped-up x-games stuff, carving this, jumping that, stunt, stunt, stunt, radical extreme, jump out of a helicopter and carve bro-heem, totally fer sure, sha. Your little clip, however, looked like something that would be a lot of fun for someone who isn’t named Bodhi or Picaboo or whatever. Kinda cool.

    Thanks for sharing.

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