2011 Vegas Day 1

Back to Vegas, again.
Here’s an awesome link of all the photos geoencoded on a map, sweet!

This time because my wife wanted to meet up with a bunch of her coworkers. Of course I’ll use this opportunity to ride the awesome trails in the surrounding area. Being the cheap bastard that I always am, I packed up my bike in a “luggage” sized box again. This time thought I’m bringing my Trek Fuel EX 69er.
Yes, Trek made this bike, and I seriously doubt anyone has ever seen another one. I LOOOVE the geometry, but the cheapness of this bike is kind of annoying. Wish there was a high end version of this bike.
Anyway, it was a struggle but I did get it in the box. I took the rear triangle and handlebars and put them in my regular carry on for better fit and for weight. Carrying that box sucks so I put everything light and big in it and put the heavy stuff in my carry on that has wheels. I’m surprised that the TSA said nothing about the chain, hydraulic brakes, cable shifters and derailures, and crankshaft with rings.
Here are some pictures of the bike going in the box.

Flight out was very pretty


And then we went to bed, I was wiped out.
Worried about my bike making it, worried I wouldn’t be able to get a 4×4 Jeep when I got there….
That worked out though. I got to the rental place and my selection was limited. Last year they had a bunch of 4 door wranglers and some trucks. This time there was just the normal selection of awful cars. I told the kid in the lot that if he hooked me up with something better I’d give him $20, he laughed and let me take whatever I wanted in the whole place. I took a 4×4 Jeep Liberty, it’s kinda weak but it does have a real 4×4 system and has 4wd Low.

So everything worked out, hotel was fine too even though I somehow sniped it on some weird ass website for a really cheap price. Before going to bed we did cruise over to Walmart and get some breakfast and snack food.

We woke up in the morning and ate our Walmart purchased breakfast. One of the downfalls of Vegas is 99% of hotels don’t have free breakfast or free WiFi, I’m typing this from the Hotel lobby bar where they offer it, none in the room. Also because CES 2011 is in town, there are 9 gazillion geeks here on AT&T and it has completely crushed the data network. I can hardly get online at all with my iphone, even the maps really won’t load because it can’t download the map. Super lame, go home nerds 😉

The other gang wanted to go off roading today, and since they know I like to bike we met down at Boulder City. I got there about an hour early and scoped out and tried out my bike in Bootleg Canyon. Wifey shuttled me up to the top. Rode the flat pedals since I wasn’t really going to be pedaling anyway.

Ride down was as awesome as I remembered. Wish I had some thicker grips though, my hands hurt from the one ride down. Lame.

We headed down and met up with the other guys over in town and headed over to the Borro Wash Trail, which is this off road trial that follows the power lines down to the Colorado river. We spent over 3 hours on this trail, there was a LOT of “pucker” going on, some of this was really really sketchy. Hopefully I get the pictures from Brian soon, he had his camera pointed at us a bunch. There was one section of washout that was really really bad (for the rental car I was in, lol). Ryan got out and guided me, my Jeep got stuck a bit and was teetering with only 2 wheels on the ground. This Jeep has ABS traction control, which works surprisingly well. When your are hammering up a hill and lift a wheel, the brakes stop that wheel and let the others get power instead of spinning the tractionless wheel.
Some highlights:

Road out to the actual trail:

Starting to get hairy


Now we are getting hairy


The bad washout

We got to a point where the trail started to get too bad for our rentals, and if we got stuck for more than an hour we couldn’t get out by dark. We also didn’t even have a tow strap.

Going back up the washout

The gang, minus me

Back to a “normal” trail and I got my real camera out.

And we rolled out, and headed back to Vegas.
We were highly, highly, highly disappointed to find out that our favorite Mexican place was closed. Cozymel’s
I got this hotel specifically because it was around the corner and we could walk there. I guess I have a quest to find a replacement. I need a place with GOOD unlimited free chips and salsa, free refills of Diet Coke and good food for a reasonable price. Cozymel’s had ALL of this and all their staff was totally awesome. We once got there so early that they weren’t even open yet for lunch and the waitress brought us a basket of chips while we waited outside on the benches until they opened. That’s love!

We ended up eating at Roberto’s Taco shop, it was pretty good for the $8 or whatever for a combo platter and soda (free refills!, I had 4 haha).

My bike in the trunk

The sunset looked awesome, no so much in this crappy picture.

Getting ready to head out to the strip I think, so I’ll have to append to this later tonight.

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  1. I tried buying a Trek Top Fuel 69er last year off eBay. How long have you had it? I’ve thought that the bike would be great for racing. What do you think are its best qualities?

  2. I think it’s just a fantastic balance of bikes. Not sure what kind of racing you do, but I don’t see it as a great racing bike, but it does ride fast and you can still have fun on it on some trickier trails. I think it’s the perfect all around bike.

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