Aluminum Overcast


maria and i flew on the aluminum overcast b17 bomber, it was one hell of a day


hmm thats an odd looking plane up there (not photoshopped)


landing omg deputy dewey lets me in the plane? well now, thats not a view you don't see everyday. my head sticking OUTSIDE of a flying airplane. maria trying to get a look without her hair ripping out/skirt flying up some other guy taking pics outside catwalk through the bomb bay holy fuck let me fly! omg get closer to props? you know, i don't think there is a better view out of an airplane possible EVER BOMBARDIER STATION FUCKING WIN [size=24]DROPPING BOMBS ON YOUR ASS BITCH[/size] i can not express in words what this sounds like, most amazing thing in the world best date ever other favorites this one came out blurry so deal with a small one this shit smokes like a dsm

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