steve and i had training to do in chicago at the motorola facility, our boss is awesome so he sent us out the weekend ahead of time to check out the city. in complete awesomeness, he bought us a BALLER room in downtown chicago, right in the heart of all the cool shit.
we flew into o’hare airport on friday night. we stepped off the plane, walked like 2 minutes and were shocked to find the place where you get your luggage so close. i even said “holy crap that was easy” and 2 seconds later my bag came out of it. we picked up our bags and walked away, i think we were in the airport for like 4 minutes.
we walked downstairs and bought a $12 city pass to all the transit systems for the weekend.
we hopped on the red line train and made our way into the city. the train was packed full of college kids, pretty neat. took a while though, but yeah its a subway so its to be expected with all the stops.

we stopped at what we though was our stop, it was our street name. we didn’t do much planning ahead of time so yeah… we came out of the subway and jumped in a cab and $6 later we were at our BALLER hotel.

we dropped off our crap and went to get some food. we found some decent bar down the street and were shocked to see how early everything closes in chicago.
crappy pic

we passed out, and woke up to find this view out of our hotel room

then we went downstairs and found the most amazing breakfast. pancakes with blueberries rolled up in them, all kinds of food. it was awesome. we stuffed our face.

then we went swimming on the 19th floor, it was AWESOME. panoramic view of the city and swimming by ourselves in this pool. the view was awesome.
nws ladies

here are some shots from our hotel room
plasma ftw

then we went to check out the navy pier, it was cool.

then we went and found some lunch, we found gino’s east to try some authentic chicago deep dish pizza

it was good, a little sloppy but good to eat. cool place, it was 2 levels and had a lot of character. our waiter was awesome, he was insanely quick with my diet cokes and answered and researched all our tourist questions.

some scenery

then we found this, its the most amazing thing in the world. some kind of art, it was fucking awesome.

then we came across some skateboarders, this guy had some balls

more of the city

married with children fountain 😀


shit taco

then we went on a boat tour, it was really cool, got to see the city from the water

this building is so big its breathtaking. it held the record for a while, i think the only other larger building in the world is the pentegon

blurry, but i’m on a boat, deal with it

then then we took the red line train all the way north to the last stop in some uber ghetto that resembled east orange. i didn’t take my camera out for obvious reasons.
my friend myles came and picked us up, and took us to a burger joint out in a suburb to check out the car scene.
met up with another galant guy doug (oldhairybastard) and another galant guy chris and some other galant guy with black one whome i don’t know.
chris drove us back to chicago in style, following chris.
it was really really cool to do this, in style, at full bore 😀

whacker underground, around the lake, under the city

blurry, out of white balance, deal with it

then we passed out, and woke up early the next morning with like 4 hours of sleep. walked into the breakfast room and the marathon was on tv. oh cool, the chicago marathon… whats that sound? looked out the window haha

we caught it JUST in time to see the 1st place guys run by but my camera wasn’t out so i missed them.

had killer breakfast again, and went outside

then we took the red line train all the way to the south to the industry museum. we got there too early so we walked around a bit first.
we got passes to the star wars exibit, it was pretty cool.

then we went for a helicopter tour…

then we checked out the U505 sub exibit, it was bad ass


we got a tour in the boat but i wasn’t alowed to take pictures

then we went and got some more pizza at lour minoti’s (we pronounced it illuminati’s)

then we went to the john hancock building and i took this from the observatory though the glass

steve decided to wash the windows or something

we passed out back at the hotel, and had to wake up at like the ass crack of dawn and we called a car service to take us to the motorola factory because it was out or reach of the transit system. we get downstairs, and a stretch limo is there. wtf?
we hop in and the driver is like (thick russian accent)
it was awesome, we went from our baller hotel room to the plant like pure rockstars

the rest of the week was training. what i learned was that you should sell your stock i motorolla if you have any 🙂
but really we learned about radio plc’s, and that next year we are probably going to las vegas and telaviv
awesome 😀
what a trip, it was fuckin fantastic

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