2007 Labor Day

saturday i went mountain bike riding with satanpez steve, i think we did about 15 miles in the woods around morristown. then i worked o my car, then we went to a friends BBQ party. no pics, it sucks that there are some cool places to take pics while bike riding, but i'm not taking my camera out there, fuck that. sunday i worked on my car, and then went to a huge 50's car show called lead east. 




this guy writes for weird NJ i took a lap around the car show in this for $1, it was awesome 😀 took a pic of my gf in the reflection of a chrome bumber 😀 then me and my GF met up with Utah and Sandy at a pub in morristown for some food. then i went home and watched 2 lane blacktop and passed out. monday i went riding with utah and steve again, this time like 20 miles in the woods, utah had a camera. tuesday (i know its not the weekend shut up) i wanted to meet up with this guy i've been chatting online with for a few years at a cruise in at the ledgewood mcdonalds. i got steve to come, and utah to join us. we met up with the coolest guy i've ever met, he just happened to pull in behind me at the show. utah has met him before, and he tells me that nate talked to him for like 2 hours once. he's got a 65 i think vette, with a small block 427 with twin turbo's what makes this guy so cool, is how far he had to go to get a stick shift to stay in this, and that he built the twin turbo setup in the EARLY 80's, with fuel injection. this was pre internet, pre turbo popularity, pre basically anything stand alone fuel injection. he has some seriously oddball stuff on there. he built this car himself, when it was HARD to do. very very knowledgeable guy, really really cool and nice. plus he went to CCM in 1971 so he's fucking awesome in my book. CCM alumni unite! haha, we all went there. his car:

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