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together we fly out of newark on friday night the 13th, uneventful and we make it to SLC utah around midnight that night. we go to get our car from fox’s rental car where we have a reservation and after waiting and calling can waiting and calling it turns out they close at midnight and didn’t wait for us. they had our flight number, fuck them in the ass.

after figuring this out we go back into the airport and talk to the friendly people at national/alamo (guess they are partnered somehow after midnight) and we get set up with a nice deal on a nissan rouge. i even had a national car discount card and we got the upgraded car for free and got a nice discount. sweet.

we pile all our shit into our new awd rouge and get out of town and crash for the night at a best western. we wake up and see utah for the first time during the day. holy shit, its taco time!

we drive for a few more hours, taking the scenic route and stop for some pictures.

me and satanpez steve:

at one of the scenic overlooks we find a guy with a 100 year old six shooter on his hip, driving one of these! holy shit

we wind up on a closed road (hehe) due to “snow” (its 100deg out)

there were some tight spots:

but we saw people from time to time so whatever, we pressed on until we hit this:

we were stuck there for over an hour. the guys said i hit it too slow but i think if i went faster the same result would have happened but slower. i needed to hit it at like 65mph to plow through it all.

nissan rouge awd = the suck.

1 wheel spinning <> awd

eventually a nice family came out to help us (get us the hell out of the way so they could get through in their actual 4wd vehicle.)

they eventually just pushed us out with the truck, it was scary but it didn’t damage the rental at all.

after getting out we had to turn around and waste like an hour driving around that pitiful snow covering.

but we stopped at another lookout and found these cool trees.

then we stopped and got some mexican food at la hacienda

it was WET, the guys hated it. my tamale was really good though.

we got to the 2nd best western and checked in, and went for a trail hike up mount nebo.

here are the guys in front of me hiking up the narrow trail

we hiked up to the meadow about half way up and took some pics

by this time my feet were bleeding from blisters. it was already a longer climb than any mountain in jersey

all the hiking and lens changing got shit all in my camera and lenses, i know all about it stevevr4!

then we hiked back down and that gave me blisters on my toes. awesome.

we stopped by the walmart and i tried to find stuff to take care of my feet. everything i tried sucked.

day 2

today we tried to hike up to the top of mount nebo. it was surprisingly easier than the first time to get up to the meadow.

and to the top of the hill behind the meadow

and then, it started getting difficult

we got past that snow fine, but the next one was a lot harder

we eventually had to ditch the path because it was too snowed in and we started just bushwhacking our way towards the summit.

we got to 9970ft and decided to call it quits. the summit right RIGHT in our sight but too much snow, too much loose rock, and running short on time. it still takes like 3 hours to get to the bottom. we decide to get up the last 30 feet to break 10000 but i swear it took like 15 minutes. there is NO air up there, its soooo hard to move.

i had a portable gps with me to track our moves, and mark locations so here’s what it looks like in topo and on google earth

more pics from the top:

then we started our decent, rene i think ran down the mountain after getting woozy from the cliffs and heights.

you can see where our trail disappeared.

god i look fat 🙁

i had a camera fag bag holding my d80 with my zoom lens, and the fisheye. i left nate’s expensive lens at the hotel for obvious reasons. i also had a tripod with me. holy shit did that get tiring to carry all that crap.

we stopped back at the meadow to take more pictures

we finally got back to the car, went back to the hotel and fell into coma’s until the next day.

okay the 3rd day we woke up and drove into moab. it was a few hours of remarkable scenery but that just never comes out right taking pictures out of a car. so here’s just one.

we went to the brewery in moab and got some nacho’s

they were great, so was my chicken sandwich.

moab is a strange town. its kinda like a jersey shore town or cali town with window shopping, everyone walking around, hot girls driving 60’s bronco’s, bicycles EVERYWHERE, and awesome cool shops at ever single inch of the place. really cool town, but i’m an idiot and didn’t take any pictures of the town. we went and talked to a bunch of bike shops about the local trails, bought a moab trail book, and rented our bikes and somehow we managed to fit them in the rouge. we went and checked into our hote/cabin thing which was like 15 miles outside of town right on the colorodo river. here is a view right outside of our cabin, i’m a moron again and didn’t turn around to take a picture of the cabin, or the river 10 feet behind it.

the next morning we woke up and went bike riding on klondike trail and baby steps.

rene has the only pictures of us bike riding, he had the small camera.

here are his pictures and commentary:

Steve and Luke in front of Devil’s Garden (cute helmets guys!):

Steve and Luke trying to find shade in the desert:

And gratuitous butt shot of me on the 29er:

okay back to me…

here is a map of the trails we took again.

steve fell early on and cut up his arm, and bent his bike, wheel, and wookie.

on the way down rene really took a spill. the slickrock has parts where it joins and they are usually in valleys where the huge rocks meet. he hit a valley at a slight angle and it basically TORE the wheel out of his hands and pivoted him right over the bars HARD. i though he knocked all his teeth out and broke his arm. turns out he just banged himself really bad but didn’t break anything. he did grow a 3rd knee which i stupidly didn’t take a picture of. while he was writhing in pain he refused to give me his camera to take a picture of the fall 😀

check back later to see if rene gives up his pictures of us riding.

that night we went to archs national park

IIRC this is balanced rock

here’s the famous utah “delicate” arch

its a LOT bigger than you would think

it was about a mile or two hike to the arch, it was really really cool



walking away from the arch. notice “death on the right”

utah is full of places where you can easily die if you aren’t paying attention

here is us inside one arch with the delicate arch behind us

we stopped and saw some ancient petroglyphs

on the way back we caught a sunset of balanced rock

we went back and passed out at the cabin

the guys decided they were too hurt and tired to ride bikes again the next day, so they dropped me off at the famous slickrock trail. i did the practice loop of the trail which is about 2 miles and decided it would take me way too long to do all 12 miles of the real trail, and that alone i was just too scared to try. when you are riding there is serious threats of being seriously hurt, and you are very very alone most of the time. i didn’t want to die so i just did the practice trail forwards and backwards, and rode back to town a few miles.

so we drove over to canyonlands state park

you can so easily die everywhere

cool road

your brain can not comprehend how big this hole in the ground is. that stuff is seriously a mile deep

then we went to another arch, i can’t for the life of me remember the name of this one but it was really really cool. you could walk right up to it and jump on it and run across it, except that there is a mile deep cliff on the one side which is certain death, and possible death on the other side if you don’t catch the ledge. it was about 5 feet wide but it was still scary as hell and none of us wanted to even touch the arch 🙂

some raven on the way out

we went back to our cabin and had dinner. we all got some sort of steak. it was a great time.

the view:

then we went to the museum in the hotel to see all the famous stuff that was done in moab. it was pretty cool. basically every western you have ever seen, or anything that has a western scene in it.

jersey baby!

back to the future, indiana jones… cool museum

then we went to bed

some tools for rich’s garage

bunch of other stuff i won’t bore you with.

then we went out into the moab desert where you can see some dinosaur bones where they were found. pretty damn cool. you can check the album for more if you like but here is just one sample of a legbone still in the rock.

then we drove back up to salt lake, and i didn’t take pictures because rene refused to get out of the car because there were people who believed in god that lived in the town or something.

we got on our flight and came home.

after taking the redeye flight back home hardly getting any sleep at all, i repacked my crap and loaded up my car with camping equipment and i went on more vacation to hershey park where we stayed for 3 more days.

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  1. What’s up Luke,
    It looks like you had a good time in Utah! I am jellos. Keep them coming.
    By the way, Do you know how to edit WordPress themes? I have one for my mom’s site http://www.anexceptionalnation.com and I want to change some of the colors / layouts etc but have had a hard time as of late. Let me know. Thanks.

  2. Hey Mike!
    Wordpress themes aren’t so user friendly. You have to do them manually through the sytlesheet CSS file, which is editable through the wordpress admin page. Get the firefox plugin called firebug and it really really helps figure out stylesheets so you know what you are working with. We need to get together and I can show you. I’m in Vegas right now so when I come back we should get together.

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