all pics:
(note, hoover dam album has 2 pages)
all pictures are as shot, no photoshop or adjustments as of yet. way too tired


taking off over newark/elizabeth

geek row on the airplane

somehow i arrived back in ny/nj?


rene in the garden at the bellagio

pretty colors in the garden


volcano at the mirage

best god damn food ever. stuff your face omg i’m going to die good food in margarita’s at the frontier

generators at the hoover dam

absolutely massive

absolutely amazing, looks like a model

lake mead

we actually stayed at the NY NY, really cool place

fountains at the bellagio
you can’t tell from the pics, but these fountains are shooting up well over 100ft, its insane

more stuff on the strip
there isn’t perspective, but this tower is HUGE

those windows aren’t floors, thats like 4 floors, this building is massive and stunning

my maria at the aquarium at the mandalay bay hotel aquarium


circus circus god god dammit dammit


top of the stratosphere, tallest building west of the mississippi
un fucking real view. seriously breathtaking.
i was too busy shitting my pants to get a clear picture. i needed a tripod, and i think the structure was swaying anyway and i needed a 5 second exposure or something to make it clear and bright. deal with this

and then at the top of the god damn thing there is this ride, a freefall style ride that shoots you up 100 something feet at 4g’s and drops you a few times.
seriously, you are on top of the tallest building in the west, and shot up outside on this aerial on the top. its on my top 5 list of coolest fucking things i’ve ever done. we were facing the strip and everything. simply amazing. maria freaked out standing on the top of this building on the top ledge where you get on and didn’t ride the ride. 🙁
it was pretty nerve racking stepping outside with the high winds and cooler temperatures you are dangling so high in the air. and THEN get on a scarey ass ride. its god damn crazy. only in vegas

going home

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