January 2008 Work


i've been busy as hell at work, here is what i've been doing.

most of the week i'm now working at greystone, the mental institution. they are installing this state of the art facility with my nj tax money. its insane, the amount of control and functionality that all the staff has is seriously insane. a quick rundown on what the nurses can do with a touchscreen at every one of the 20 nurses stations. open/close/lock/unlock every door, visually see on the screen if every door is opened/closed/locked/unlocked and if the key swipe card was granted or failed. they can call any one of 700 cameras to any one of the 50 monitors in the building. if any door is held open for longer than the set time (nurse adjustable) and isn't shunted (nurse adjustable) or in one 3 bypassed time zones (nurse adjustable) an alarm sounds, the area camera turns on, the monitor in the nurses station lights up with that camera, the security guard gets the monitor and camera, and if the camera is movable, it swings and zooms to the door that is open. i'm doing all the control to do all of this, its NUTS. oh also if you pick up the intercom and call another person, your monitor shows the location of who you are calling, and visa versa. anyway, pics of the joint camera cabinet coax cable for cameras my tax dollars at work who i've been working with, the lady irena works at my office also one of the 12 control cabinets i've been working with nurses station 600 million dollar building, holds 600 people this basically comes down to a 1 million dollar apartment me spazzing out in my offtime from there, i've been starting up a packed tower aeration building in hempstead long island. its basically a giant silo that you power water in on the top, and rush air through the bottom to aerate the water to strip any volatile chemicals out of the water looks like this: inside, my control cabinets on the left, blowers to the right, booster pump up the stairs outside, air stripper tower to the left, water tower where the water then goes to the right okay now for the accident. about 15 engineers and townie workers came out to do the final blessing on this site. evidently the existing water in the tower froze over the last few weeks of in operation well the tower filled with water when they turned the well pump on, but it must have been filling about half pace, because the clearwell below was also rising in volume so nobody noticed. well at some point which i imagine was when the tower got totally full with water (never supposed to happen) the ice in front of the AIR vents broke. there is never supposed to be water filling the tower, so the air vents are like 3ft above the bottom of the tower. well that ice broke, and WATER filled the AIR VENTS at lightning speed. it went from normal, to TONS of WATER pressure in the air vents and fans INSTANTLY. panic ensued, as i ran for my camera 😀 overexposed in panic you can see the pressure this is under air inlet to fans! okay about 2 minutes later, all hell broke loose, i gather that the ice broke in the route from the tower to the clearwell FAST. the clearwell rose about 5 feet in a matter or seconds, it passed the overflow pipes and started pushing out with pressure out of THREE 14" pipes there is actually a WAVE forming outside now to compile on this, even after someone RAN and turned off the well, the water kept coming. nobody knew where but it could have been a siphon effect. i estimate this at something like 300,000 gallons of water out into the field/lot in a matter of 10 minutes. one of those pipes outside can flow over 2,000 gallons a minute, and 3 of them were going full bore for about 15 minutes and then still poured out for about an hour. one of the craziest things i've seen at work to date.

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